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Update for those who are curious: After switching to a (somewhat crappy) Tac-2, the game LA Swat now runs properly on my 130XE. Either I am pushing the wrong directions or there is some weird crosstalk in the cable to my Starplex Deluxe Video Controller that causes the game to go amok. I managed to debug some of it in Atari800win and found the code where the joystick input is read and temporarily stored but didn't have time to analyse what the game does with the input later.

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23 minutes ago, MagicMarc-er said:

Not a fan of Gridrunner. If I'm reading the score right, I think I have 18,570.


It's a bit insane but there is some skill to it! Though I played for an hour today and didn't pass level 5 ?

3 hours ago, McKong said:

SWAT 79115 level 5


75,395 (5)

SWAT was never a game that held the attention, you always wanted it to be better but turns out it's a good fun one for HSC play. Think I reached level 6 once before not sure, will be interesting to see if anything else happens. Lots of bugs usually player missile graphics but I pretend they are wayward bits of the rioters e.g. scalp ! I did have an amusing one where I got blown up and clubbed to death at the same time and when it switched to the 2nd guy he was auto clubbed too!

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Latest Tables

What shall we have for the next poll? Give the big games another go or another dual smaller games?


  1st   therealbountybob           31  12pts ;)
  2nd   McKong                            30  11pts
  3rd   graywest                           28  10pts
  4th   Deteacher                         25  9pts
  5th   McKong Bro                       24  9pts
  6th   Caco                                 19  8pts
  7th   mimo                                19  8pts
  8th   carlsson                            16  7pts
  9th   MagicMarc-er                    14  7pts
 10th   chevymad                        12  6pts
 11th   devwebcl                         12  6pts
 12th   RedThunder                      10  5pts
 13th   roadrunner                        9  5pts
 14th   pusakat                            8  4pts
 15th   slx                                    7  3pts
 16th   Mangia-Boy                       6  2pts
 17th   Fres                                  2  2pts

>>>EVERYONE: *Using Highest level reached on Gridrunner to break any tied positions so please post this ;-)



  1st   McKong                        79,115    16
  2nd   therealbountybob           75,395    15
  3rd   Deteacher                       56,228    14
  4th   graywest                        47,930    13
  5th   devwebcl                        32,530    12
  6th   McKong Bro                    26,186    11
  7th   Caco                              17,350    10
  8th   chevymad                      15,310     9
  9th   carlsson                           6,001     8
 10th   mimo                              5,775     7
 11th   pusakat                           4,818     6
 12th   RedThunder                     4,517     5
 13th   MagicMarc-er                  4,317     4
 14th   slx                                  4,117     3
 15th   roadrunner                      3,017     2
 16th   Fres                                2,389     1



  1st   therealbountybob      69,780    16  (lv10)
  2nd   graywest                      69,710    15 (lv10)
  3rd   McKong                         53,200    14
  4th   McKong Bro                   24,100    13
  5th   mimo                            22,130    12
  6th   Deteacher                      20,740    11
  7th   MagicMarc-er                 18,570    10
  8th   Caco                              14,810     9
  9th   carlsson                         13,020     8
 10th   roadrunner                    11,840     7
 11th   Mangia-Boy                   11,670     6
 12th   RedThunder                   11,120     5
 13th   slx                                  9,130     4
 14th   chevymad                       8,470     3
 15th   pusakat                           6,810     2
 16th   Fres                                2,360     1


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12 minutes ago, MagicMarc-er said:

Slightly better on SWAT. Had I not killed the hostage twice it would have been a lot better. 



Another bug sometimes you hit the hostage right afer shooting the hoodlum and still get the bonus but it shows -1000 so I guess you lose that at the same time :ponder:

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Had a lot of time running the grid, but didn't improve. Made it to level 8. Need to improve "survival mode" for the end of levels. Wonder if level 5 is so hard due to number of adversaries and then in 6 it reduces again, seem to get past 6 and often 7 if I do somehow survive 5 :ponder:


The Top Secret Round 9 Poll is OPEN!!

Votes please EVERYONE :jango:


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