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Sonic: Work In Progress

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As previously stated in @Muddyfunster's recent topic, I've also been working on a Sonic game myself. As suggested by many in the 7800 community, I've decided to make a topic about this game I'm making. It's an action platformer with some form of space-like gravity gimmick.

(think Sonic Lost World, but less crappy.) It borrows some code from @Synthpopalooza's Sky Scraper game and a horizontal scrolling demo.


What's done: Graphics


Things to do: Add pokey support, amazing title screen with music using TIA arpeggios, Level/Playfield designs.


Below is the bas file, I'm currently new to the basic programming scene for both 2600 & 7800 so anyone with more expert knowledge like @RevEng please help decipher some of this, thanks :)


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I'm assuming the code doesn't compile right now since you don't have all of the variables declared with dim - in particular you'll need to change the scroll related variables used near the bottom from what they were in the original code to the variables used in your new code. :) 


IIRC the scroll variables are using fixed point variables as well. So PlayerX I think was originally PlayX.PlayXf or something similar for example. Similar for the speed variables.



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