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Blocks (Completed!) - Formerly BBlocks

Just Jeff

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Does anyone have any interesting design ideas for the packaging?  Amateur mockups accepted!  Here's another art theme that never occurred to me before for some reason..  I misspelled BBlocks though- that's a little embarrassing. 


Does anyone know a designer that might want to work with us?




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Here's is the last draft that our designer sent us before he had to give up due to other obligations.  Its supposed to evoke the classic 2K style of the launch titles, which was our goal when writing the game as well.  We thought it would be fun to be on the box but that seemed to be the toughest element- It still needs more if its going to work.


Any comments, suggestions on the design?  Still looking for a new designer btw..






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So many good games on display this year - the small CRT's and Commodore monitors at the AtariAge booth really make them shine.  My wallet got a lot of exercise today.  Lots of people were taking pictures and video, hopefully they will share them too - it's a great event.


Here's the picture of Blocks before I played it, Blocks after I played it, and what I did after I played Blocks. :)


20221015_092901.thumb.jpg.5397dc5bdeb6a14b463c923e38ce61bb.jpg 20221015_093854.thumb.jpg.ecfb7309746bfbd568ff29984ff6910c.jpg 20221015_105614.thumb.jpg.1c0ff69e6fb96322ef1f5ee876c0191a.jpg

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Make sure you tune in this Saturday and Sunday to ZeroPage Homebrew for the biggest LIVE UNBOXING and INTERVIEW EVENT OF THE YEAR for Atari Homebrew! ZeroPage Homebrew will be hosting AtariAge Day 2022: Fall Edition celebrating all the newest Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 and Atari Jaguar releases!

Saturday Nov 12 & Sunday Nov 13, 2022
LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT (Click for your local time)
WATCH LIVE: https://twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/
WATCH LATER: https://youtube.com/zeropagehomebrew/

We will be talking LIVE to the developers of TWENTY FOUR GAMES that are hitting the AtariAge Store:

  • Blocks (2600) - Jeremiah Knol & Jeff Haber
  • Boulder Dash (2600) - Thomas Jentzsch & Andrew Davie
  • Gorf Arcade (2600) - John Champeau
  • Grizzards (2600) - Bruce-Robert Pocock
  • Lode Runner (2600) - Dion Olsthoorn
  • Oozy the Goo Slime Quest (2600) - Vladimir Zuniga
  • Qyx (2600) - John Champeau
  • RAPTOR (2600) - Andrew Pauley
  • RubyQ (2600) - Silvio Mogno
  • Starovox (2600) - Rayman C.
  • VROOM! (2600) - Thomas Jentzsch
  • Rob 'n' Banks (5200) - Ryan Witmer
  • 2048 (7800) - Lewis Hill
  • Attack of the PETSCII Robots (7800) - Mike Saarna
  • Dragon's Havoc (7800) - Todd Furmanski
  • Galaxian Arcade (7800) - Bob DeCrescenzo
  • Keystone Koppers (7800) - Lewis Hill
  • Pac-Man Collection 40th Anniversary (7800) - Bob DeCrescenzo
  • Popeye (7800) - Darryl Guenther
  • Slide Boy in Maze Land (7800) - Vladimir Zuniga
  • UniWarS (7800) - Bob DeCrescenzo
  • Chaos Engine (Jaguar) - Lawrence Staveley
  • Gods (Jaguar) - Lawrence Staveley
  • Stormbringer (Jaguar) - Lawrence Staveley



- James

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AtariAge Day went nicely..   Here's a link to the Blocks segment.  Also, I've attached some visual aids below: 




Here's my original cut and paste mockup based on Surround:



Jeremiah's first iteration of the heads-up display:



Jeremiah marking up one of Dean's images.




View of the game in debug mode.  Only three color registers are available, but they are interlaced to give some flexibility when writing to them.  Only five objects are used to make the 64 "objects".  Two missiles, two quad-sized players, and PF2 are turned on and left on, saving the time necessary for writing all the colors.  Note the comb lines on the left.  These are due to the HMOVEs that draw the zero.  Also note, by its nature, TIA is really drawing three zeros so the other two have to be masked with PF1 when its time for that:









Edited by Just Jeff
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