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Zoom-TI-99ers Pandemic 4A Club Online Virtual Meetup


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I tested streaming my real retro hardware last night... so next time I can bring a real 4A to the meeting, and a Geneve.. I basically just use VLC to bring my capture device into a window, that I can 'screen share' 

Zoom supports more complex things, but it is also more complex to setup... :)

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What do people want to see? I like a little agenda... I like free-form conversation also... 


I'd be happy to demonstrate/take Q&A for a few things:

* Force Command

* Anything about TIPI / TIPI usage

* @Asmusr and @PeteE 's TIPI emulation with js99er and QEMU


I like to see:

* Latest game demos, or work in progress


Maybe others want to see something of the couple old-newstock devices:

* HRD4000 revisited from @Ksarul and ROS updates from @InsaneMultitasker

* IDE cards available through Shift838


----- I'm sure there are lots of other things... 


Stevie, the new editor in progress...


Drooling at the latest Raycaster demo

@senior_falcon 's XB extensions

and others...


I'm not suggesting we have to build a big agenda, and try and get it all in a virtual fest-west like meeting... I'm steering towards more frequent light weight virtual 'user-group' style (without minutes - remember meeting minutes?)


It can evolve and priorities can shuffle... just trying to provide an appetizer. 


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Yes, thanks, everyone.  I learned a few new things today.


I was invisible & muted; lots of peripheral noise here today between a street rally and rooftop AC units.  (I was outside on the rooftop deck.)


Looking forward to next time.

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2 hours ago, BeeryMiller said:

Turns out there is one set of credentials for Saturday, and another set for Sunday.



Yes, sorry, the repeating schedule for 2 different time slots was beyond me, if even possible. 


Info is in post #1, at least until the end of the year... then new info will be needed. 

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today at 11am!  make sure you test your audio and video BEFORE the meeting so you can be ready to chat :) if you don't have enough bandwidth for both (HA!) you can dial in with your phone to get on the audio portion and leave your pc on video..or vice versa


info is in post #1 of this thread, make sure you click on the SATURDAY link

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