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Season 10 ~ Week 8/9 ~ Summer FUN!


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Don't know how I did it, but I kicked Checker's butt. Wow. Not the best score here, but I'm pretty happy with myself :D It's a pretty good feeling when you have the computer on the ropes and it just keeps moving its only free piece back and forth as you get closer ?


Checker: 12


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Checkers score update! I think I'm getting a little better at this game, though this will probably be my last score update for the round since I feel like I've pretty much reached the limits of my skill in all the games being played this time around. That's alright though, I'm satisfied with my scores. :)



Checkers: 6



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Avoided this like crazy, didn't expect much from myself...

This was my first attempt.


Not a bad game at all, I think I need to read the manual tho, there's something I don't think I quite "get" about catching the flies or something after you swat them.

Biggest thing with most paddle games, you have to find the "center", then pretty much lock your fingers on the paddle, you can't let it go momentarily, you won't likely still be centered properly.


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6 hours ago, Mister-VCS said:

Any tipps for checkers?

Don't get me wrong, I scrambled out a win, I'm prolly not the best advice...


I had to outright sacrifice a few pieces at first, one for one, forcing the AI to jump me, then me being able to jump it back, until there was enough room to sneak one thru and get a King-the A.I. doesn't seem committed to getting Kings, it's mostly sticking to a defensive strategy, I guess, so you'll likely get a King much faster than the computer, and you can do a little damage with it, then figure out how to trap the leftover pieces, IMO the A.I. seemed to "give up" after it was in a bad spot, no offense whatsoever.


Good Luck!!!

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7 hours ago, Mister-VCS said:

Any tipps for checkers?

Man, this game makes me feel inferior just thinking about it. But I second the comments above. Also, the computer is really good at using the "must jump" rule to its advantage. It baits you into having to jump it and sets itself up for a double jump, or even worse, jumping your king. So think a few moves ahead, don't get discouraged, and don't feel bad hitting reset early on if it's not going your way. I don't have much luck setting up double jumps for myself, but I have been able to trap a few of its pieces. It's a nice "got you!" moment :D 

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