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LEGO Officially Announces a $300 Replica Nintendo Entertainment System

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3 hours ago, 0078265317 said:



Neat but not sure what the point is since the tv does not actually work.  I it scrolls but does not work as an actual nes.  Just a novelty I guess.



Its called a toy. But a pretty expensive 1....probably will still sell well and get sold out and flipped for even more lol

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It looks nice, and the "rotating" mechanism in the TV screen is kinda cool, but this thing would have been much cooler if it had been packed with an actual NOAC board designed to be inserted inside this NES replica. Then it could have been connected to an actual television set, and even if the game cartridge had been fake, it could have come packed with some built-in games like SMB, Metroid, etc.. Of course, the controllers would need to be real as well, as controllers made with Lego parts would not stand the rigors of play for very long.


It won't take long for some people to stuff this thing with a Raspberry Pi or something similar.  :)


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6 hours ago, pablum said:

The TV gimmick is cute, but not $230 cute. 


Maybe as already said if it was just the NES unit itself in a much cheaper form or if there was a NES mini motherboard inside it that played actual games it would be more interesting.

Agreed.  The TV thing is awesome, but unnecessary.  I think it was added because the NES by itself is a grey brick.


Which is why Lego shouldn't take on projects designing grey bricks

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After seeing the Pat & Ian video about it, I like the idea a little more.  Still don't predict I'll be getting one.  I don't totally hate the price, but if it's the kind of thing I'll be fighting scalpers for, I'm just not going to bother. 

I believe the applicable phrase is "Homey don't play dat."

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I like it, but that's steep.  I don't build Lego really much anymore like a few years back and cleared many off the shelves too.  I'd make room for this, but I can't justify that.  At that price as others said, I'd kind of hoped it was a functional unit, even if it were like one of those dippy $20 chinese clone mini handheld like setups, but instead the screen really did work on the tv and the controller did work as well too.  That I'd be more open to biting into that expense.


There still are those smaller SMB toys coming though from lego either way.

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i've been following the Lego Nintendo stuff since they announced it- to me the price point seems in line with their other licensed/'big' Lego offerings.  That being said, I don't have a lot of Lego stuff as an adult because it's friggin' expensive (and I don't have the room for it in our house, which I lament to Mrs. Digdug alll the time).


I think that a Lego-based Nintendo property game would be pretty neat- kinda like 'Lego Super Mario RPG' or similar.  I know it's weird pie-in-the-sky stuff, but it'd be cool.

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1 hour ago, Black_Tiger said:

This is really cool but I can already see the $1000 ebay listings trying to flip them.


I can't justify buyimg one at retail price, but it would be fun to build once.

Exactly.  Ebay prices always go up never down.  Even nes and snes classics are still pretty high.

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