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Engine Analyzer ....what the?


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Can anyone school me on exactly what Engine Analyzer was? I see it is barely described anywhere online as anything more than a lightpen based diagnostic program. That's the most I can find. Did you actually hook up a Vectrex to the engine of a car or something? Was it a simulation?


Place Logo Here mentioned it's a lightpen-based program that is meant to be an automotive repair training tool


That's the best I can find out. Anyone know much about this mysterious little program?



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Engine Analyzer is nothing more than a light pen based demo ..  I imagine that they were thinking of using the Vectrex as a diagnostic tool .. but there’s nothing anywhere about any hardware to connect it to a vehicle.


11. What is the Engine Analyzer good for?

This program is an educational tool and has no real functionality. However, it does show an auto mechanic's example of good and bad graph functions that suggest certain problems with a particular car engine under analysis. I presume that GCE was thinking of marketing the Vectrex as a diagnostic tool to mechanics and this program was to be part of the training package. Of course the real Engine Analyzer program has never shown up, nor has the equipment for attaching it to the spark plug wires and ignition coil of a car.

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