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On 7/29/2020 at 5:18 PM, McKong said:

JetBoy 6080 6225 10426 11535 13510


I like this game, years ago I watched my cousin playing it (Jet Pack) on the Spectrum. Hadn't played it before today.

After the 4th round you have to build the rocket back up. 

:thumbsup: That's good, I thought it could do with not just having to get the fuel each board.




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Captain B 20,400 (my early post was on my old multiboot copy where I must have hacked the lives to 15!! This time only 5 lives plus the extra one at 10k ! Looks like the default speed is fast, you can press select in game to slow down the moving Hblock not sure if it effects other things (no I did not use it!!) :-D

Jet Pack 14,665 not a bad game at all, the slight flickering is a bit of a downside. you can hold down/diagonal down to hover. Not sure the logic on when you get a gun recharge :ponder:


Still time for a few more votes: VOTES PLEASE EVERYONE Round 15 POLL :)

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 [edit sorry deteacher!] Congratulations to graywest for the win on Captain Beeble holding off deteacher info 2nd place and for being the top Jet Packer, and also picking up a couple of *bonus points for his hints and "Captain B. off roading video"  :thumbsup: Both games have their merits but can be frustrating at times. Jet Boy could do with some variations on the platforms perhaps. Thanks for playing everyone ;)


Let me know if i've missed anyone/scores. I'll start up the next round in a min...


Captain Beeble

  1st   graywest                  66,400  14pts*
  2nd   Deteacher                  32,000  11pts
  3rd   therealbountybob        27,900  10pts
  4th   carlsson                       11,600  9pts
  5th   RedThunder                   8,100  8pts
  6th   Gury                              7,500  7pts
  7th   MagicMarc-er                 4,500  6pts
  8th   mimo                            3,800  5pts
  9th   jblenkle                         3,800  5pts
 10th   roadrunner                   2,900  3pts


Jet Boy
  1st   graywest                  45,790     9pts
  2nd   McKong                      18,720     8pts
  3rd   Gury                            15,350     7pts
  4th   therealbountybob        14,665     6pts
  5th   MagicMarc-er              12,775     5pts
  6th   carlsson                      11,675     4pts
  7th   jblenkle                         5,715     3pts

  8th   redthunder                    4,960     2pts
  8th   roadrunner                    2,360     1pt


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