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Famicom "Pulse Line" Label VS. NES "Black Box" Label. Which Is Better?


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    • Pulse Line Label
    • Black Box Label

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Black Box, bought in a way even if the added flares were BS, the game graphics to life.  It kind of sold what to expect out of the box as the mock ups matched the rear camera snaps of the game.  The pulse line are just bland and boring, perhaps color aside uniform, they're just for a lack of a bad or good way to put it they're just 'there' and that's it.

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I have no nostalgia for either since I've never owned either system, so I'm going to have to go with the pulse line. I'm not really sure why I like it, but I suppose I just find it pleasant and kind of different from lots of other systems. I do have exactly 1 Famicom cart for eventual use on the Nt mini, but it's Fire Emblem, which has no-pants Marth instead of the pulse line anyway.

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Pulse line is timeless.


The NES black boxes were neat when the first came out, but even then I wondered why they put fake pixelart on the cover if the game didn't look like that.


I still prefered a uniform design and wish they'd stuck to it.


The nice thing about SMS games is that even third party releases maintain the design standard. Too bad Genesis didn't stay the course and even worse, switch to flimsy cardboard boxes.

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