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[FOR SALE] C64 + 1541 floppy +1740 Monitor + more...

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I WLL NOT SHIP, no debate please
I will deliver for free up to 100 Miles from Houston 77009 zip code.

Offered for sale (before I toss it on eBay)
Location : Houston, Tx

Price: 300$ USD, Negotiable

1x Commodore 64, fully working and tested
1x Commodore model 1541 Floppy drive, cleaned heads and no issues with it.
1x Commodore Model 1702 Colour & Sound Monitor, fully functional
1x Atari type Joystick
2x paddle style Joysticks
1x set of Business Software manuals with diskettes (see photo)
1x box with approx 50-60 diskettes with bunch of games, utilities etc. ( I have tested about 20 of them an non where bad)
1x brand new Keelog PSU (worth 65$ alone).
1x Cable Computer/Drive]
1x Cable Computer to Monitor supporting sound as well.

contact me privately to purchase, or ask package related questions below.
thank you for looking

Pictures can be viewed from my google drive : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TORhx3x-VMW476qs_YfpdQB-dKRXfMYw?usp=sharing

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There's something very appealing about this picture you took.  I wouldn't have bought this from you even if I had seen it in time, but this photo just seems to capture efficiency and careful placement while mixing in the right amount of nostalgia.


I think it's the box labeled both clearly and sorta carelessly, combined with the empty disk sleeve.  Its partner is obviously in the drive (with the activity light lit) and its menu is clearly displayed on screen to show us the items are working.  Not to mention the reference book left opened as if you needed to be reminded of the directory command in order to take the photo . . . There's also no distracting bullsh!+ in the background.





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