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Atari 2600 using AT28C256 EEPROM chips


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 I'm trying to make a type of FlashCart for Atari 2600 using an Arduino Mega 2560 and an EEPROM memory from ATmel (AT28c256, 64 Kb). Initially, my project uses the PC  for  flash memory. I upload a custom Sketch containing the bytes of the game Keystone Kapers. The burning process worked perfectly. My goal is to burn the ROM using Android Device via Bluetooth. I am decompiling several ROMs and making different Hex files. I will place these Hex files in a folder and select the file of my choice to burn in memory.


When the burning  process ends, a buzzer plays the PacMan's intro music.☺️ ☺️



My question is about mapping the memory chip with the cartridge board. I have a cartridge from a Brazilian company called Dactar. This cartridge comes with 4 games in 1. To select the games, it is necessary to change the position of the lever switches. There’s a IC  74LS04 to control the switches positions.


But, guys, I don't want to use this Brazilian cartridge, because I think it's very complicated. And there is another problem even more complicated ...


...I know that this Atmel memory at some points, has different memory pins like the W27C512 and others. Has anyone here burned  Atari 2600 games  using this same type of memory that I use? does anyone have a print file of the circuit board specifically developed for this type of memory? in case of yes, could anyone share this resource with me?


Thanks in advance.

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I have a bunch of AT28C256, i bought them because i was thinking that they will work but they do not work at all, not on a PCB for atari and nor for any pcb of other game console, if someone find and answer to let those eeproms works on any game console pcb i will aprreciate that, i've too TMS2532 eprom with the same results.

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