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Oof McBrewster’s Haunted House Adventure – new NES Homebrew

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I struggled with where to post this, unsure if it should be in Classic Gaming General, or Homebrew.  Seems like Homebrew (under programming) is best suited for conversation during the creation of the game, so I chose Classic Gaming General.  If the mods feel that it’s best suited for the Homebrew section, please feel free to move it.





Introducing Oof McBrewster’s Haunted House Adventure – new Homebrew game for the Nintendo Entertainment System


Box_Front.thumb.jpg.0255ce14f52f0b327953d9abf0316528.jpg  BnGCarts_001AA.jpg.662ea80002a4f1b0facb9c8141f81409.jpg




What started as a summer project to introduce my kids to game design eventually evolved into a finished game.


oofmbrewster.com    < I created a pretty barebones website just to get something up n’ running, with game info, and for something to play with in the days to come.


Sell Thread in the AA Marketplace  < got this started in case anyone is interested and wants a copy.




If you’re reading this, I’m dead.



Oof McBrewster receives a letter receives a letter from his recently departed, dear old Uncle Crodie telling him of a treasure in the center of a mansion worth a “friggin’ fortune.”  However, supernatural forces (with perfectly normal, human levels of greed) are hard at work stealing it for themselves.   Oof needs to navigate the mansion to collect the scattered pages which contain the vault’s combination, while avoiding (or defeating) the enemies to remain properly alive.


That’s the setup, in a nutshell. 



I’ll post a bit more info later, starting with some gameplay bits.  In the meantime, here are a few pics n’ videos.


TitleScreen_001.jpg.b284802be2a523324aaa7e3a2bbc49ca.jpg  Screen_001.jpg.56413f1c7273f7414b612bebbfd8b8f4.jpg


Screen_002.jpg.66fb9f9f4792eba9c3e1186162527c95.jpg  Screen_003.jpg.43cdb6186d515b48979c23f950b6194d.jpg


Screenshots captured using Mesen – high accuracy NES Emulator – running on Windows, no filter



A neat little teaser trailer.  Found a guy on Fiverr and thought "this could be fun" 




Title Screen video.  Footage captured via Mesen.




Gameplay footage featuring the intro levels.  Footage captured via Mesen.




Finally, here's a demo rom featuring a handful of levels for those who may want a "hands on" with the game.   Tested on Mesen.  May work with other emulators as well, but no others have been properly tested and confirmed at this time.



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This is an odd question, but... have you considered releasing this on a current system?


I only ask as I noticed that a few NES homebrews were released on the Nintendo Switch over the past year, and I've been curious as to whether more all-original games might get commercial releases in the same way...

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Thanks for posting!  Not an odd question at all.  And yep, I’ve considered the options for current systems many times through the creation process, and now that it’s finished, I’ve been talking with a couple of people regarding releasing via PC, mobile, and Switch.  Not sure what that’ll look like yet, or even if it’ll happen, but the idea is definitely there and wheels are turning slowly.


When I started this project, it was a nice avenue for working with my kids and introducing them to some basic of game design and creation.  The oldest loves retro graphics, so we settled on “instead of making it look like an NES game, let’s just make it an actual NES game.”   So from the start, this was going to be a game for the original system and we'd figure out the rest after.


Kind of related –  some friends had the game at a few Fall Festival booths letting people play (2019 – 2020 was a different beast due to pandemic) – and it was running on 2 sets.  One was a NES console with small CRT, and the other was a PC running on Mesen with a HQ filter – nothing fancy, just using a filter built into the emulator – and most people wanted to know if they can get “that version” to play.  The retro fans always wanted an actual cart, and the majority wanted the slightly smoother, “more modern” look.


For craps n' gigglies, here’s a video of the test rom using that filter.  Same game of course, but since it looks a bit smoother, it was perceived as something newer and -- for better or worse -- seemed more popular with the "hands on" crowd.





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On 11/11/2020 at 12:51 PM, Razzie.P said:

Thanks for posting!  Not an odd question at all.  And yep, I’ve considered the options for current systems many times through the creation process, and now that it’s finished, I’ve been talking with a couple of people regarding releasing via PC, mobile, and Switch.  Not sure what that’ll look like yet, or even if it’ll happen, but the idea is definitely there and wheels are turning slowly.


Do post in here if you do -- especially if you end up releasing it on the Switch.

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Thanks for checking it out!   I'm not the best source for troubleshooting emulators, controller connectivity, etc, but I'll certainly be happy to help.  I'll check out some emulators on Android and will send you a message working through the process, if that's ok, as I'd rather not have a lots of back n' forth emulator troubleshooting taking over the game thread.  Once it's been locked in and confirmed working, I'll update the game info on all sites with any new "confirmed to work" emulators.

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Yeah, an instruction manual was included in the zip file you received, along with some extras.  I’ll send it to you via our instant message conversation as well, to make sure it’s at the ready.



A couple bits of (hopefully) helpful gameplay info –


  • Not all enemies can be shot.  At its core, the game design is built around dodging/avoiding the enemies while collecting the items, kinda like Pac-Man I suppose.  Some enemies can be shot/destroyed, however.  I didn’t specify which, as I decided to leave it up to the player to discover.  I loved watching players approach a situation in different ways, often working to find a path around, while I'm thinking "shoulda just shot that thang..." ?
  • And like Pac-Man, touching a certain item (coffee, in this case) causes you to be invincible and can now destroy the enemies by touching or shooting.
  • To fire the slingshot, the player needs to stop, plant feet nice and solid, aim, and fire.  Simply put… just stop moving, then shoot.  Oof can’t shoot while running (try as he’d like, he’ll never fit in with those Contra guys)   Press B to fire left, and A to fire right.
  • However, if you drink a coffee and are all powered up, the previous point no longer applies.  Oof can Run n’ Gun with the best of ‘em!
  • You only need to collect the notebook pages to complete a level.  The treasures are optional, but possibly needed for the high score.  The goal was to, hopefully, encourage players to find the best possible path though the mansion to amass the most treasure at the end.  Sometimes, collecting a treasure might take a bit longer than it’s worth, so you may decide to ignore it and move on.
  • In the event that the timer reaches 0, the game doesn’t end.  It just means there’s no more treasure in the vault.  So if you reach the end of the game and the vault is empty, you’ll still have any treasure you found along the way, just nothing extra will be added to your total.




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Number of levels in spoiler in case someone doesn't wanna see it --



There are 4 areas in the game, and each area has at least 14 levels.  This can change slightly based on a couple of play choices through the game, but ultimately, a playthrough will take a player through a minimum of 56 levels to reach the vault. 


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