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How to load BASIC

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for the purpose of learning how to use fujinet with BASIC, I found "Programming with #FujiNet" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGcoXPkPjs8


at 1:08 in the video, a ready prompt is presented.  however, when i try to follow the steps and boot n-handler.atr, the OSS DOS XL 2.3 is displayed.


can someone point me in the right direction to get a ready prompt?

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Yup, the n-handler is being rewritten, and the rewritten version does not have relocation yet. Because of this, I haven't built a new n-handler.atr disk yet.


In the mean-time, you can get it from the /Games/lightcycles.atr or /Games/reversi.atr disks. This is a version that runs under the DOS that's on that disk, and loads into a specific spot ($2200), and thus can't be used on other DOSes yet.


You can also build a version of the handler by checking out the nhandler repository, setting an ORG (e.g. $1CFC for DOS 2.0 with 2 drives):



To build, you need:

* some sort of posix environment like Linux, MacOS, WSL, MSYS2, or Cygwin.

* MADS assembler

* atarisio-tools (for dir2atr, to build the ATR disk)

* make


Again, apologies for this, the N: handler stuff is still changing rapidly.



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