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2 hours ago, RARusk said:

If it is inexpensive but has a lot of power then I would think that people would buy it but I think a lot of them would end up getting modded in some way to make it into a more traditional looking console. However, it has been pointed out that the chicken warmer concept is a good way of dealing with the excess heat - perhaps using it for more that just chicken, like popcorn (also already suggested). If modded right you could use it for scented wax and at least make your work area smell nice.

I don't see that there's a way the heat can vent up to the chicken WITHOUT grease from the chicken being able to flow back to the CPU.  Hot grease gets everywhere, it's what it does.

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If this ships, and if it has any success whatsoever what does it tell about what customers want in a video game console?


I really see an old joke materialize, maybe AtGames can do it, it's a pinball machine with a soda can dispenser incorporated.

You play the pinball and if you hit some random progression point (like a "multiball") the machine shots back at you a soda can at groin level (oh the irony of the "multiball" if you happen to be a male) .... just to spice things up.

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