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272K & 528K schemes


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@SmittyB made an interesting comment on the dragonfly thread and it raised a question for me that I can't find an answer for.


On 272k and 528k schemes, where does the 16k ram reside? 


From reading the documentation, those schemes have bank 1 permanently available at $4000, but that's where I usually expect the 16K ram bank to sit, or am I misunderstanding the scheme? 


I know with a regular bank scheme + RAM that I have the last bank always available and 16kb at $4000.


Cheers !



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I think I've got this table right, but if not I'm sure somebody can correct me. Basically the formats 144k, 272k, and 528k use the range where other formats might have additional RAM (or the POKEY in some cases) for an additional 16K of ROM giving 32K of fixed ROM and 16K that can be switched out. 



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