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rubyQ! (no more on store)

Silvio Mogno

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3 hours ago, Silvio Mogno said:

You should play it on a real VCS or on Stella emulator



Can play it via @llabnip's port of StellaDS on the Nintendo DSi or newer like my 3DS.  Older DS is too slow for ARM assisted games, but it can play older games just fine.  More info in this topic starting with llabnip's reply.


Your taller than normal game does get clipped a bit on the DS's 256 × 192 display, but you can still see the cube tops. There's a way to configure it with the screen shifted up so that pressing one of the extra buttons will temporarily shift the screen down to show the score.







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10 hours ago, rmm said:

Is this still being released in the AtariAge store? Thanks Silvio for all the hard work in making it.

Thanks for appreciating it🙂


It was a not too hard work because I did it with passion. 


And, one more time, thanks to all people helped and supported me (mentioned in the manual).

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3 hours ago, doug0909 said:

This looks like a lot of fun!


I was hoping for two player simultaneous though... Wasn't that discussed at some point? Any chance of a future game of this type having that feature? 

There is two player simultaneous game, not in demo version but in full game.

Check out ZPH streaming of the game to view two players in action!

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2 hours ago, BrianC said:

Is the rom going to be made available for purchase elsewhere? I have the cartridge and I'm loving it. I would imagine getting Q*Bert officially licensed would be a nightmare due to Sony owning it. 

By now I don't know.


When things will be clear I'll let you know.


Thanks for loving my game!

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