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Point function?


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Any point function in intybasic. I read in the manual for intybasic:


    Returns the collision status between sprites for the current frame. It is
    best to use these after WAIT.
    Don't forget to set the interaction bit in sprites (bit 8 of X-coordinate)
    bit 0-7 means collision against sprite number.
    bit 8 means collision against background pixel (pixel set)
    bit 9 means collision against borders


If the sprite touch a background pixel ?


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COL0 - COL7 will tell you if respective sprite has hit something. Bit 0-7 for collision with another sprite, bit 8 for background. Once you have determined a collision happened, read the sprite location (probably already in a variable), convert it to screen position and read which card is at that position/positions depending on the shape of the sprite. Is that what you're looking for, a routine that converts sprite position to screen position and returns the content in the cards involved?

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