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Incognito, SDX and FujiNet issue


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I'm having a bit of an issue running the combination reliably. Here's my setup:


Atari 800 with Incognito, Sophia 2 and FujiNet (with external power), everything on latest firmware. Running XEGS OS with SDX enabled. Speed factor 8 to exclude any high-speed issues.


I can boot into CONFIG, assign disks form SD card or local/remote TNFS. Issues:


1. After OPTION, then rebooting system with A-RESET and C, after it boots into SDX, only drive D1: works. Even though I have D1 - D4: assigned, I get the no drive recognized message

2. If I reboot, I usually, but not always, can then use the other 3 drives. Can't find a pattern

3. Sometimes copying from an image (SD card or TNFS, does not matter), it crashes out with an error in a random file

4. Can't get FMOUNT to work. FMOUNT 1 1 R disk.atr always returns REQUIRED PARAMETERS MISSING. 


I understand that Sophia 2 has been known to cause some issues, but my DVI board is on the other side of the computer in the back, pretty far away. It also works more reliably not using SDX, when just booting into a DOS atr image.


Any ideas?

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4 hours ago, tschak909 said:

1. you need to run FMALL to mount disks after going into SpartaDOS X.

3. not sure what could happen here.

4. All of the fnc-tools were changed to require commas for seperators, because of possible spaces in filenames. so your line becomes:

FMOUNT 1,1,R,disk.atr





Ah, much better, thanks! And now I can’t duplicate copying issues, maybe my 800 was just having a bad day :) 

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