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(No longer available) Misc Intellivision Bric-a-Brac


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Edit - these items have now been spoken for, thanks for all of the responses!


While parsing off my old Intellivision collection to sell, I have a lot of "misc" items that are not really sellable - if anyone wants this group of items, all they have to do is pay shipping via paypal (USPS Large Flat Rate Box $21.90, some of the more common/poorer condition Intellivision boxes will be carefully shipped flat).  Or if you want to drive your way to Central Oregon in the snow you can pick this up for free.


Items of note:

* Intellivision 2 console (no power supply or RF connector supplied, but does come with 2 controllers) - if you plug it in with a proper power supply the light comes on but it behaves as if the reset function is always pressed.  If you can fix that, you likely have a working Intellivision 2 console.

*  World Series Baseball cartridge and box.  I can't get this game to work on an Intellivision 1 or 2 (a shame since it seems quite rare!)

*  Checkers shell (with standard screws in back) and manual - yet somehow the game inside is a working copy of Sea Battle.  What crazy person swapped out the ROM 30 years ago?

*  Boxing game, manual, boxes, x3 overlays.  But I can't seem to get it working fully (the title screen comes up, but press any button and the screen clears)

*  Overall 10 boxes of varying condition

*  Several paper backers that went to the overlays.

*  A few plastic trays for boxes




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