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Unable to set up wifi


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Just got my FujiNet, and after watching the "Atari FujiNet for Dummies" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZx1aCD1G4Y&t=4s) I held the B button (second from the left) while turning on my 800XL. It goes straight to the host list screen instead of the WiFi setup screen. I've tried several times, and every time it goes straight to the TNFS Host List screen. 

Am I missing something, or did I get a bad FujiNet adapter?

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7 minutes ago, tschak909 said:

For now, can you press C to get adapter config, followed by S to set SSID? It may be an edge state in CONFIG we need to deal with. I will see if I can reproduce, but in the mean time, this should get you going.



Ok, yes, C then S worked fine. Thanks. 

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