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Having problem with posts

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On 2/16, when I would go to save a post, it took a while.  Usually the post saves within a few seconds.  But there were times where it took a whole minute.  I'm not sure why there is a delay?  Also, some of my posts were not showing up in my profile yesterday.  They would appear later on though.  Then today 2/17, I go into my profile and under activity, I have no posts at all.  In order to see my posts, I must click on see my activity, then on the left hand side click on posts.  So, my question is, what is going on?

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The forum uses Elasticsearch for all search-related tasks.  This includes doing regular searches, but also things like All Activity and displaying content you've posted in your profile.  Looks like it was struggling yesterday, resulting in a long delay when submitting a post, so I told the forum to rebuild the search indices.  Unfortunately, Elasticsearch crashed overnight, which results in any such search results returning nothing. 


I just cleared all the data in Elasticsearch and the forum is rebuilding the search indices again.  If it continues to have problems, I will dig into it further.  Elasticsearch is a bit of a resource hog (server RAM, disk space and CPU resources), and it has caused issues in the past.  Although until yesterday, it had been churning along nicely for some time.



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