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We need more green monochrome hacks and originals


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The VCS excels at grene monocrome hacks like the Donkey Kong one.  What other pre existing titles do you feel would work well with a green monochrome color palatte hack.    Also new game can be made in this style probably real good graphically......I haven't heard this brought up before but it really should be a subgenre of vcs by now- maybe it already is

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Yeah I guess it does have green going for it. Also a blue hue, orange, red, and grey of coarse. Yellow seems possible in NTSC but not in PAL colors.



Technically an eight color gradient but even a 2bpp greyscale would be nice. Definitely thinks there's some advantage to monochrome, if the color values are uniform across the scanlines it falls in line with the limits of those graphic objects and their color output limit.

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