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Dig Dug 2 on Atari 7800

Jaden (JRH)

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18 hours ago, Jaden (JRH) said:

I wanted to save music and sounds for later on in the project, but it's definitely something I needed help with. So, I really appreciate you doing this for me. I'll be sure to credit you in the game for helping with music.

It's just a test, put it aside until you are ready and then see if it's something you can use, but please don't credit me if you do since it's mostly @dmsc's code.


18 hours ago, Jaden (JRH) said:

My only issue is that the music is a little bit slow during gameplay. Probably some weird issue with PAL/NTSC conversion or something. But still, this is really nice. Thanks!

For some reason I thought it was PAL timing so I slowed it down under NTSC. The attached does the reverse, NTSC timing speeded up under PAL.



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