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Missile Command Recharged HSC

Rick Dangerous

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Hello All; thought it would be fun to run a High Score Competition for Missile Command Recharged since it is such a fun game. 


Winner will get a little prize at the end of next month.  Let's see those high scores!  VCS version only for this competition!


Missile Command High Recharged


High Score Competition, Starts 3/13/21, Ends 4/30/21




Rules:  Rack up the best score you can with any upgrades you can and post a picture here.  The best score wins at the end of the competition. 


Missisle Command Recharged Scores:


1. Rick Dangerous            37,300

2. tripled79                      10,600

3. SabertoothRetro            4,500

4. Mockduck                      2,050

5. joeatari1                       1,375







Good luck! 



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I never really got into Missile Command but here is my submission just so I can say I did something.




This after playing for about 1/2 hour.  I played for another 15 minutes after getting this and didn't come close.?

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