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ABBUC magazine #144


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Just received the new issue here in Berlin.


So it's time to release the intro to the public ;)

The intro on the magazine disc had to be adapted a bit to run with menu of magazine, so it won't run on 16 kB machines.

Here is the 16kB version for your pleasure. Tested on real machine (600 XL) - should run on 400, too. Runs on both NTSC and PAL and adapts sound to play correct on 50 or 60 Hz machines.



EDIT: here is the intro on pouet.net

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added pouet link
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22 hours ago, Gunstar said:

Cool. I'll keep an eye out for my edition, though I'm sure it will take a bit longer for us in the states.

This time hopefully the wait should be shorter: All US/Canada magazines shipped in one big box and will be distributed from inside the US. So I can tell you, that right now your magazine is at the IPZ at Frankfurt Airport and will travel over the ocean soon. My guess is, it will hit the US by the weekend, and then it´s up to US postal services to make you happy. :)



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2 hours ago, Eyvind Bernhardsen said:

I just received #144 in Norway! Still no membership card, unfortunately.

That´s supposed to have been shipped for you with #143, which was shipped two days after #144 for some organizational reasons and should arrive soon.

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