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Atari XE Remake Pre Order Thread


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I start this thread for anyone who would like to order a new pcb as it look here in my previous thread.
The time to express your interest about this and how many pieces do you need, it start from now and ends at the end of next week. After that and based on how many pcb's will have been collected, I will announce through a mass personal message the cost for each pcb, etc., to the interested members. Of course for those who will agreed I will ask for a pre or half payment. 


Thank you all Panos. ?

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I'm interested in the project, how many it will depend on the cost, whether or not it includes the components or the chance to find a full list of materials (to see what components I have available), and/or eventually the chance to be "factory" assembled and tested.


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6 hours ago, Triads said:

Put me down for Two(2). Are there any specs yet?

Atari XE pcb with 64Kb base memory using two 41464 drams. It have internal solder points, as to do more comfortable the use of add-ons.

It have also onboard place for "Sophia" internal connector and DVI port. You can built a TK-II ps/2 keyboard, a 512KB ram extension (with the choose of 3 different schemes) with  data retention via battery, and a complete Ultimate Atari Video.

It have as standard a 8 pin din circular video connector (the original 5 pin of Atari can be used also) that can provide the extra signals for the VBXE add-on. It have on board a 10 pin 2 row connector near the video out, so that someone can connect the needed video signals of VBXE.  The choise between UAV and standard Atari video out is done via on board jumper switch. Same for isolate the video when the VBXE work.

Pin-out marks for both cartridge and ECU printed on board for easy reference. Someone can place two pin headers for both, behind the original connector of Atari.

Radial versus initial axial capacitors, for easy found at suppliers.

Support for barrel type DC connector in place of standard circular 7 pin din, like the A1200XL. 

5 hours ago, Triads said:

Are these populated or bare boards?

Bare boards only. My main goal was to do this pcb as easy possible for amateur to assembly it. This is the reason who I was choose to design it using "retro" components. "Through hole" The only parts which are in smd form is the ic's of UAV upgrade, something who not affect the rest operation or assembly of standard Atari XE. In the first batch I gave the choice  these parts to be solder by me, only for the cost of parts. I think was 25 euro for each bare pcb and 5 euro more for the smd parts. This time I dont intend to do the same, I mean without any fee.


In the question, "Can you built one for me"? The answer is it depends! If you support the cost of pcb, passive components, a fee for this work, and the needed time to be assembled and tested, then Yes. But the final cost for all this, will it be worth it? 

3 hours ago, Roydea6 said:

I am interested in one board. and info on sram switch 1&2.


Hi Roy ??

I gave the opportunity for someone to choose between an internal dip switch, or an external "rotary coded" switch, as to alternate between the memory schemes -if this alternation is so crucial for him-, without to open his Atari every time. The second way is possible using a small flat screwdiver at the bottom of the computer, through the plastic grilles.




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