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8-Bit Software: A Preservation Effort


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7 minutes ago, Mclaneinc said:

Was just reading the DOS 3 pdf, not seen it in years, what made me laugh a little is all the references to using it on a 1450XLD, a machine that never got sold in the end..


It was also highly used in Atari spaceships and aircars.


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DOS 3 is a sore spot for me.  I got one of the first 1050 drives that came with it.  I had a great idea for a game I wanted to write which honestly would've been a pretty good basic game.  I started with a DOS3 disk and about 70% of the way through it I ran out of disk space......I didnt know why at the time but couldnt fathom how I ran out.  I eventually figured out the sector problem and realized DOS 3 was a POS - No matter what I tried I couldnt get my game assets transferred from DOS 3 to a DOS 2 disk and hence gave up in frustration and never looked back.  Wish I could find that disk but most likely I just formatted it and reused it for something else.

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