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NUC+ FujiNet Firmware update

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3 minutes ago, massiverobot said:

I don't need to update my FN in my NUC+, but I want to flash it just to make sure this cable I purchased works and document it for my NUC Guide....


Any reason @mytek that I can't use the current FN firmware that posted on fujinet.online, with the PC flasher?




Other then the NUC FujiNet being a unique version of the FN hardware, it is totally firmware compatible. So flash away :)

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Opps one thing I forgot to mention, is that the NUC FN will not automatically put itself in program mode like the one for the stock A8.


To Enter Program Mode:


Power down the FujiNet, then press & hold Butn 'A', then power the FujiNet back up. Hint: This can be done most easily by using the toggle switch in the back to cycle power to the FujiNet while leaving the power pack connected to the NUC -or- it can get it's power via the serial cable connected to the PC.


When the FN has entered program mode you'll see all 3 LEDs dimly light up, that'll let you know you can now proceed with the firmware re-flash via the standard FujiNet Flasher Program.


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41 minutes ago, Marek said:

Thank you!. Went step further and now this....

It seem to communicate with the ESP module. Must be something else.



Do you have an SD card inserted in the FujiNet?  Due to a design change, with my particular hardware I cannot run the updates without an SD card inserted.  Give that a try.

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I've posted already in the NUC thread, but what helped was to connect the cable and fujinet, click the flash button and immediatelly, press the A button and hold it, until the "erasing flash" message appeared.

It did work correctly after this.

Not sure how much impact it had, but my sd card was IN.

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