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SyncTerm with Kubuntu Linux


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Just wanted to report that I finally got around to downloading the

version of SyncTerm for Linux and successfully installed it under

Kubuntu Linux on my laptop.


I did have to download a couple of libraries (libcurses x something)

that weren't already installed under my setup but after that, it was

the usual sudo make, sudo make install song and dance.


I did use this website for reference:




Hope this helps any fellow 'Nix users out there.  :)


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5 hours ago, Tillek said:

So I guess you're back from vacation?


Welcome back, and thanks for doing the Linux Legwork.  Might be doing that with Mint (Linux Mint, not MiNT) soon.



Heh. Actually did that late one night *while* on vacation and everyone else

was asleep.  Strategy !  Besides that, the DirecTV in the unit we were in was

running a Harry Potter marathon.   :)


PS I wonder if anyone has tried to use it with (Atari) MINT? Is that doable?

Danged if that wouldn't be something if it would work. (yeah, I know, probably



PSS Oh - yeah - I'm back. Got back about 2 hours ago...



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Ugh... I was going to make a comment... but... well... I mean, if Harry Potter was all that was on TV....



And technically, what we do with BBSing is a "Hobby" (though some days I'm asking where the F is my paycheck?)


I never really looked at it that much yet.  I know there is a C++ compiler for MiNT.  So I'm guessing it "might" work with enough effort.  But whether that effort would be better or worse than just re-writing it from the ground up?  Hard to tell.


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