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Gamecubes UPDATED FS list Feb-3-24


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3 minutes ago, Leonard Smith said:

Good luck with your sales.

I had one of those Interact / STD (LOL!) SNES gamepads in 1992 or 1993. 
The SNES version had a clear transparent casing.
I dropped the controller by accident and the casing completely shattered like glass when it hit the floor, haha!


HAHA wth? They are that weak? I plan on keeping one, I got 3. One was totally opened. The other 2 still in box. They feel ok in the hand though. My only complaint is the X button instead of the P button being the 4th. I am sure I will find out which games use that over P and probably be happy with it but it's still confusing to play Street fighter. Working on a fight stick for that though.



STD! That's the first thing me and the fam laughed at when we saw them. It's not like nobody in the 80s knew what STD meant. 

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The 3DO ones look to be in a non-transparent case, so they might be leaps and bounds better than the clear casing that they used on the SNES :) .  The SNES ones felt cheap and creaky even out of the box.  

Maybe that's why they went to the black casing for the 3DO?
No intention of maligning your sale listing.  Just made me chuckle a bit when I saw the pics of the box!

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Nothing new but I revamped the shipping. All prices now include what I would want for the item. If you would like to know a total plus shipping, send me a PM with what you would like, and your zip.

Should be beneficial for anyone wanting more than 1 item.


Also marked sold items and placed them in spoiler.

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Added The Music Machine for 2600. See first post.


Please PM with questions or concerns, or to let me know I am crazy if you'd like.


Will consider partial trade for jaguar console only. With 1 game is preferred if you have any extra. I already have video, power and a controller. Just no console. 

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