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3 hours ago, Heaven/TQA said:

Is it the Ultima way so using highres and using virtual charset or did you used 128 chars only?

128 chars (and their inverse counterpart) only. Character frames are copied to reserved chars. This was possible by freeing up some chars while using PMGs for the inventory.

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34 minutes ago, Mclaneinc said:

Just watched the video, so many compromises....But the end result looks ok, shame about the colour but it's the game that counts..

Yes, the game play is fully intact, there is even the SNES controller support ? and I met the goal, that the game should also run on a 48k A800 (and from a single density disk).

Thanks to the established compression it even loads quicker.

Hires and A8 is always a challenge and all available options to bring some colors (e.g. PMG backdrops) into the game doesn't met the expectations.

Regarding music: Memory footprint is too tight for RMT + data and I don't wanted to go XBIOS this time... ;)

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On 8/30/2021 at 3:37 PM, darwinmac said:

I purchased the digital download yesterday. It’s unfortunate that mono has to be used, but the video explains why the trade offs were made. 

I don’t need any more software boxes, but $10 was easy to justify to support people writing for the Atari. 

Bob C

I did the same.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I received my boxed copy last week, and I have been really enjoying it!

I also noticed when I played it on my Atari 800 that the revised graphics mode featured a bit of color on my television set due to the color artifacts on the high resolution mode. I wonder why this “feature” was not mentioned in the video as it looks quite nice (though most likely unintentional).

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6 hours ago, Al_Nafuur said:

Mine arrived too. Only 3 weeks to Germany.



But it has the Apple manual ?.




I would have preferred the Commodore manual, because the colors match better to the box.



Mine also came with the Apple version of the manual. I actually didn't realize this until editing my video. Reason is because I never really looked at the actual manual that came with mine. Once I purchased it, I had access and a link to the digital versions of everything and that is the manual I looked at then was the digital copy. That is the commodore manual. My guess is that David likely has more of the Apple manuals on hand as it might not be selling as well compared to the Commodore version of the game? Just a guess?


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