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Does any place make or sell custom cases for vectrex games?


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3 hours ago, MacRorie said:

We could probably do something for you.  What did you have in mind?



well nothing yet. i don't have a vectrex yet but i am very interested in getting one. but i notice all the loose cartridges are wayyy cheaper than cib as usual. unfortunately the carts don't have side labels and so i was hoping a site sold custom cases. i buy custom for n64 games. sometimes for other systems too.

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A tip for you guys - N64 universal game cases work great for Vectrex carts. ;)  Whether it's Custom Game Cases brand or Bitbox.. A Vectrex cart fits darn near perfectly.


Also, If you have a large format printer and some photoshop skills, it's pretty easy to print your own covers too.. 11"x17" photo paper or card stock is what I use. Then after you cut it down to size and slip it in the outer sleeve, you're off to the races. ?

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