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NYAN Cat (screen animation)


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Slowed the music down (100) and added the 48-pixel titlescreen kernel that Spiceware talked about in my Lawn Mower post. Used kisrael's atari-background-builder v0.97 to accomplish this  - thank you sir, very nice!


I'll go back and retitle my other modules to keep them consistent. ?




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I'd love to see this in action, but it isn't working on my BackBit Pro or jzintv or openemu. Any idea what might be causing this not to work for me? I've tried all the different versions and the most I can get to happen is a partial splash screen and then black. 

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I'm not familiar with those emulators, but it does work with Stella and I believe I checked it with real hardware using my Harmony cart.


If you have an Android phone the 2600.emu will run it, too.

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It's because I'm an idiot and was trying to run it on an Intellivision. 🙃 You're right! It works perfectly in Stella. I'll move it over to my Harmony Encore. Thanks!

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