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This Summer during the heat wave part 1 (UK) I got out the 7800


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Went into this blind, hadn't used a 7800 console for a quarter of a century, had to get something working but boy was it a nice surprise. I really enjoyed that afternoon, enjoyed it just as much as my Coca Cola with 25 ice cubes in the glass on the hottest day of the Summer. As with all gaming related stuff I do I put the whole journey down on camera for my own video gaming diaries I keep but I put it on youtube for next weekend (new channel) and it's a real "ain't played in decades" type experience. I have linked it below in case anybody would like to see it. This Friday 8pm GMT.



The 7800 is such an underrated console, the games on it even more so. I have now found my loose 7800 carts (still no Dark Chambers which sucks as I probably sold it to pay bills a decade ago) and will do another video, maybe over Xmas as I got my 7800 around Xmas 1995. Biggest problem was getting a working set up, of the three 7800 consoles I had quite a lot of problems getting to a stage where I could play my 7800 carts on my CRT but even on such a hot day I am really happy I went to the trouble. 





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Enjoy :) 


Have about 16 more loose games to do later, even if nobody watches it lol


If I ever find Dark Chambers for sale at a non rip-off price (inc postage from other countries!) I will do a video with that too. Still have to try and fix the lack of colour output on one console so perhaps a 7800 composite video upgrade too (so I can use it on the huge plasma TV with better speakers!)

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