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Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC - A new Atari 5200 release by Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz


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If you already downloaded the A5200 version of this program, please replace it with this bug-fixed version.  There was a problem discovered when the monsters start speeding up on level 4.  Instead of speeding up, some of the monsters stopped!


Anyway, my apologies and here is the fixed version.  These binaries have also been updated in the 8bit forum.


Atari 5200 version:

Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC.ROM


Atari 8bit version:

Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC.XEX

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On 10/17/2021 at 8:38 AM, swlovinist said:

I just wanted to say thank you for offering a huge volume of free content to the public to play.   It is so awesome that you are offering these for both the 5200 and 8 bit! 

Thanks so much!  We are just happy that people are seeing and enjoying these games we dreamt up 30-something years ago!

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