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CX24 ProLine/"PainLine" or CX78 Europad - what's YOUR favorite OEM Atari 7800 controller?


Which OEM Atari controller do YOU prefer as YOUR main weapon on the 7800???  

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  1. 1. Which OEM Atari controller do YOU prefer as YOUR main weapon on the 7800???

    • CX24 ProLine/"PainLine" Joystick
    • CX78 "EuroPad" Thumbstick controller

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Even though I like both I DO kinda feel more like a CX78 guy, even though I grew up with my 5200 and using her CX52 so I knew how the CX24 would ergonomically feel (more natural) in my hand, I do however feel that the CX78 allows me to out more body english into the controls on her and with the thumbstick attached to the directional control buttons unless I'm playing a keypad-intense game on my 5200 (along with my 7800 edition Redemption unit) I actually prefer it as my main weapon of choice on any of my 4 systems.

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I used the pain line as a kid and even when I dug my old Atari out the first time. I didn’t get an actual European controller until I decided to finish my collection and set up a game area for my 7800. There’s something very nostalgic about the proline to me, and I actually prefer in a scant few games. But for most of the time if I use an oem controller it’s the gamepad. 

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CX78, definitely.


I'm gonna stick my neck out and say that all of Atari's in-house controllers were flawed and / or sucked in some way and to different degrees depending on the model, but the CX78 is basically OK.  Nothing spectacular, but not bad for what it is.  Sure, there are objectively-better joypads out there but I've certainly used far worse, and if we're restricting ourselves to just Atari's own controllers it's a small field to choose from.


They've become the controllers that get swapped between the various machines around here, so evidently they do something well enough to be the go-to units.

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34 minutes ago, Silver Back said:

I just ordered the super deluxe joystick a few days ago. Is it really that much better?

It's better, but not that much better. Still get hand cramps.

I really must build another radica space invaders stick into a 7800 controller, that was awesome

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I had painlines with my 2600Jr BiTD (The Vader I had died after a day). I thought they were cool, I was young and dumb enough to not know better :).


I find the Europads to be a bit "meh". Ok for short periods of use. Any serious play or testing sessions on real hardware, I tend to use a MegaDrive pad or sometimes a Quickshot Maverick.



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