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Nintendo Sues Guy for $25 He Made Selling N64 on Ebay


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1 hour ago, taxman said:

I did see that it was a parody article, but thought it would be fun to get some people's blood to boil first before updating. First thing I said when I saw the title after wifey sent me the link was first sale doctrine.

That's funny. My wife sent it to me too and I thought it was legit until I got to the bottom and it says "some guy dressed as Mario is getting the shit kicked out of him as of press time" or something. I started laughing a crap load. 

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12 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

yes it looks like a bogus site.  Here is another bogus story they posted.



Satire, parody like THE ONION but focused of videogames. It's pretty obvious for those that have common sense. ?‍♂️

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