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Amstrad CPC Ultimate Gaming guide!

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I couldn't find any Amstrad CPC love within these forum walls and wanted to share my childhood...  


Over three decades ago my parents answered my prayers and purchased for me an Amstrad CPC 464. Since its debut in 1984, the Amstrad CPC gave me moments of sheer heartbreak with the likes of Outrun, ridicule with Green Beret, but equally moments of celebration with games such as Chase HQ, Renegade and Gauntlet. This video the celebrates the golden moments, a series of high points in Amstrad CPC gaming. Trust me, despite the negativity, the Amstrad CPC had plenty of great games, and here we will peek at the history of some of these great games. In just a single video, the aim is to bring them all together and identify those games that are essential for new and older gamers looking to relive their youth. 




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Loved Rick dangerous. The Schneider cpc 464 was my first home computer. But software for it was very difficult to get over where I lived. We bought the cpc464 because a friend of my had one. But his parents had a shop in Germany, so he had more access to titles, Since the 464 was more sold there then where I lived. Because of that, a lot of the games I had where type in games.


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