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LSP player conversion to Atari Jaguar


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2 hours ago, Ericde45 said:

they are free

and that can be a little bit more, as some variables are now only living in registers


i don't see the point to fill buffers to play samples.

may be i missed something ?

I thought, there is maybe a buffer for the mixing. But TBH I did not dive into the sources (yet).

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8 minutes ago, Ericde45 said:

filling a buffer, even located in DSP RAM, involves writing the buffer, and reading it again in I2S interrupt.

Just guessing, if the mixing is quicker than the replay, wouldn't a double buffering (like it would be done with DMA) help save cycles?

Hmm, maybe not as we have no sound DMA 😞 but it would prevent jitter effect if sometimes mixing takes to long.

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i think a buffer would be better if mixing the 4 channels involves reading management values ( volume, frequency, sample location, sample length) from memory because there is not enough registers to hold them all the time.

might be useful either to use DSP for other tasks that need free registers, or to mix more than 4 voices

and 2 buffers of course :)

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  • 4 months later...

where would one get the lspconvert program that works for the jaguar implementation? the one found here https://github.com/arnaud-carre/LSPlayer

does not seem to work (well for the few modules i have tried anyway) and the jag implementation git hub page does not include the convert program as all


i was using lspconvert <module>.mod with no optional switches


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7 minutes ago, CyranoJ said:

lspconvert <modname>.MOD -noinsane works.

Light Speed Player Converter v1.11
Fastest & Smallest AMIGA music player ever!
Written by Leonard/Oxygene (@leonard_coder)

Unknown option "-noinsane"
        LSPConvert <mod file> [-options]

        -v : verbose
        -insane : Generate insane mode fast replayer source code
        -getpos : Enable LSP_MusicGetPos function use
        -setpos : Enable LSP_MusicSetPos function use
        -nosampleoptim : preserve orginal .MOD soundbank layout
        -amigapreview : generate a wav from LSP data (output simulated LSP Amiga player)
        -nosettempo : remove $Fxx>$20 SetTempo support (for very old .mods compatiblity)


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