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 I'm hoping someone can guide with a couple issues. I have FN configured and Wi-Fi doing its thing. The steps I’m taking are going to a host to download a
Program/file. For example, I go to tnfs.fujinet.systems, go to utilities, then miscellaneous, then Calendar. So, I download that, put into slot 1 for example, W for read/ write, then do I esc then reboot? Or reboot first? Once is works; how can I go back to use the Calendar again? Can I write to the Calendar and save?  I'm retired and a newbie to all this.  I'm using an Atari 800. Thanks for any help!
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When you put a disk image into a device slot, you are using the disk directly from the network.


If you put a disk into device slot 1, you will see it as D1:


If you load from a public TNFS server, you should do so read-only.


Once you've selected a disk image, and put it in device slot 1, it will bring you back to the Hosts and Devices screen, and you can press OPTION to boot.



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When you use [N]ew, it will create a new disk image on the host slot that you are currently viewing. You won't be able to do this on a public TNFS server, because everything should be marked read-only.


You should either use [N]ew on your own TNFS server, or using the SD host slot so it goes on your SD card.


The name you type in [N]ew becomes the new disk image, so use something like VisiCalc Work.atr



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