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Tron Light Cycles 2600?


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Sorry if this is something that has been gone over a lot. Has anyone attempted to make a tron light cycles game for 2600? Like even just a re-themed version of surround that doesn't play perfectly? I was trying to look it up online and although i saw a couple people mention it over the years, i didn't see any mention of a completed project or even an unfinished rom..


I have the 2 official games. Just surprised they never made the light cycles game since in the movie that seems like one of the more important parts.


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Good question! Since you're looking for someone that made a port of the Arcade game I'll avoid "light cycle-type" games. Here's what I've found (with some help from @Arenafoot's amazing Homebrew list):


I think a Tron Light Cycle game allowing 1-4 players (making use of the Quadtari) would be a ton of fun!


- James


EDIT: Added QuadGames to the list.

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