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Season 12 ~ Week 17 ~ Megamania (Game 3 A/)


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I can’t even explain what I do different in a good game. It’s strictly a matter of getting in the rhythm. In a good game I have no problem wiping out the radial tires boom boom boom row by row. In a bad game I keep missing by a fraction. Ironically most of the time I make it to the second megacycle the radial tires and cookies are easier than the hamburgers, diamonds, and bugs. It’s the steam irons that I have the most trouble with.

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On 3/3/2022 at 12:36 PM, fakecortex said:

Wow, these are not games you can phone in at the buzzer. I gave them a go last night and do not have respectable scores to submit. Better clear my calendar. 

How’s that going for you past FC?

mad men g GIF


Can’t get too good a handle on Megamania, but have improved my score a bit:


Megamania 3a: 16,940



Once I got a good rhythm with Laser Blast (thanks @jgkspsx) it got to be a lot more fun. I practiced on 1b, made it past 100k, then quit for game 3, which I didn’t fair as well at, but better than my original attempts. 


Laser Blast 3b: 24,750



I love homebrew weeks, so I’m gonna try to make more time to prioritize gaming during this new round. 

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On 2/24/2022 at 10:34 AM, Vocelli said:

Laser Blast (Game 3) Bonus


50k Bonus +5












40k Bonus


30k Bonus


20k Bonus  +2



10k Bonus

All alone in the under 50k bonus haha. Happy for the points tho!

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