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U.S.B Jaguar Pro-Controller


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I have struggled to find a P.C/Mac/Linux U.S.B Jaguar Pro-Controller solution anywhere.

Are there any available, or in production?

It would be great to have a controller that works on modern platforms, and real Jaguar hardware.

A controller such as this could have improvements over the original:

- Improved D-pad

- Reduced overall size (keypad stays the same as the original)


If there is a controller like this available/in-development then please post any relevant links.


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There isn’t any. You can get an awesome DIY replacement d pad from @Bratwurst and you can get an awesome Bluetooth Jag controller adapter that works with any modern controller from Humble Bazooka when they’re back in stock.


If you wanted to use a Jag controller on a PC, you could wire up a VGA to USB interface but you might have to write a driver for it.

Given that the RePro controllers are still well stocked everywhere years after they were released, it might not be a winning move financially to try to make a new controller. But if you wanted to take on the challenge I would be willing to buy one. Perhaps an easier approach might be an arcade stick, as it’s easy to get high quality parts. You could even use a standard number pad!

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I too was wondering if the newer jaguar pro controller from https://songbird-productions.com/product/jaguar-procontroller/


was compatible with thos adapter



I think it was made for the original.  I didn't realize that the jaguar was a 15 pin and not a 9 pin. If this does indeed work then its a surefire purchase for me for some pc gaming.



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The adapter you linked works with the pro controller. I have it and use it myself.


In fact the pro controller doesn't have more buttons than the regular controller. What I mean is that the "new" buttons on the pro controller duplicate some of the existing buttons in the number pad area. So there are no additional unique buttons compared to the regular pad.

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