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Elevator gane


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Hi, elevator game is a brain game but how it works? 
In the middle you have an elevator that you can move up and down using joystick. The elevator has 4 lights and each light can be OFF or ON. If the elevator lights are the same of the building floor on the right, all the ligth of the right floor will be turn off. The aim of the game is to clear the number of floor that is over the elevator (white number 2 in the screenshot).
You can modify elevetor's lights using left building floor. If you press fire , the lights of the left floor change elevator lights using this rule:
- the position of light ON of the left floor toggle the same light position in the elevator.

For example (see the screenshot 1) the selected floor (left) has the light 2 and 4 ON and 1 and 3 OFF. The elevator has the light 2 and 3 ON and 1 and 4 OFF. if you press fire on this floor the elevator lights (2 and 4) will be toggled and the new elevators lights will be 1 and 2 OFF, 3 and 4 ON. (screenshot 2)ex1.thumb.png.779b08b225f7e6be4bd192fc3fb40df6.pngex2.thumb.png.858124cc0ece23280d5cf8dbd99bd504.png

The left floor lights  will be cleared and you cannot use again.

When you click on empty floor you go on the next level. If you have cleared the correct number of right floor the counter over elevator is 0. If the counter is not 0 you lost bonus like the counter. At start you have 3 bonus (displayed on the left of score). When the bonus expired there is game over.

If a question mark is displayed instead a number, you don't know which is the number of the floor to clean, but minimum is one.
Remember to clean right floor simply position the elevator at target flooor and if the light are the same it will be cleared.


Regards Alberto


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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Elevator Game on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



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