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You are a mouse who is in love with a fish.


A bear has come to the stream of your love and is starting to try to eat all of the fish!


Defend your love, and slap the bear!


Warning: do not slap a real bear! That would be bad for you and the bear, and could get you killed.




At the title screen control the bear to get the mouse's attention if you'd like, then press the reset or fire button to play. For extra coolness points: have the bear sing a song or recite a speech!


Press up to jump as you are running. You can jump off of birds or fish to try to land on the bear's head and press the joystick button to try to slap the bear in the face.


A good job may get you applause from the wildlife!


When the score is higher, you may be able to play as 2 to 3 mice, Ernie the capybara, or the rat.


When you crawl on the bear, it will attempt to brush you off, which may cause you to lose some control over your movement. Don't crawl on the bear too long, or it may accidentally slam you into the ground as it tries to brush you off. If this happens, press the joystick button to start over as a new mouse.





slap_the_bear_1.2.bas slap_the_bear_1.2.bas.bin

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I love the animation of the bear. I was no good at it but I only tested it on my phone using Emu2600 and I suck at my touchscreen controls.


I love your games are like fun little mini games. You should assemble them all onto a giant multicart with a menu. The Fort Apocalypse collection!

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Slap The Bear on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



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Thanks to @ZeroPage Homebrew for playing!


Changes based on feedback:

  • Now pauses after mouse dies before letting you start a new game with the fire button.
  • Reset goes back to the title screen to be more (practically) couch-compliant.


Other changes:

  • Have to be on the bear to score points!
  • Faster arm movement in title screen with second player joystick, so it's more obvious that it's possible.
  • Title screen bear arm movement stops at top and bottom.
  • Code optimizations to fit into 4K.


Responses to community feedback:

  • The mouse and bear are on land next to the stream.


slap_the_bear_1.2.bas slap_the_bear_1.2.bas.bin

Edited by Fort Apocalypse
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