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Well, it took a while, but with Alphie as my wingman I finally broke through the 1000 point barrier.


Thank you for the wonderful game, Andrew, and the excellent patch to boot. Your graphic artist also deserves a round of applause. I really like the lived-in look of the manual with creases, clippings and coffee stains.


RAPTOR is no sophomore slump, and I look forward to your future endeavors.


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17 hours ago, vitoco said:

Oh! 😍 My family had that SONY Trinitron TV set with individual VHF/UHF analog tunners for each channel button and a very simple "ultrasonic" remote control device. It could also detect the light in the room to autoadjust the screen bright. 

Yes you are absolutely correct (love the ultrasonic remote)..... I have a few old CRT's, but this one is absolutely my favorite to game on. The picture and color quality is amazing.


I don't get to use this setup often because this is actually stored at my parents house in their basement.


I decided to bring my copy of Raptor over because we were visiting and I had some down time. It was fun firing up the old TV again.

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1 hour ago, m.o.terra kaesi said:

are there still patches around?

Yes, there are patches still available.  I ordered 100, but there were some that had defects beyond what I would deem worthy to distribute.  Between giving honorary patches to the RAPTOR play testers and a fair amount to friends and family over the holidays, plus saving some for the future (like for grandkids), I would say I have at least 10-20 more to give away, possibly more.  There have been 19 patches earned so far.  I'll probably make it an even number like 30, 40, or 50 total.


As a reminder, you don't have to post your qualifying screenshot to the forum to get a patch.  You can just send me a PM.  Now that RAPTOR carts are available to order, I am hoping to see more patches earned in the near future.  But earning the patch using emulation is still OK too.

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On 3/5/2022 at 6:38 AM, Armscar Coder said:

4K – NTSC & PAL60 – Assembly – One Player



RAPTOR is my second Atari 2600 game.  After some very productive play testing over the last few months, I am presenting the attached binaries (NTSC and PAL60) as the final release candidate.  I will feel more comfortable calling the game done once the Atari community at large has had an opportunity to play it.  So, please give it a try and let me know what you think, post some scores, and I would appreciate reports of any discovered bugs.  I have also attached the full manual which provides game play explanation and background on the game story.  Though the game is somewhat intuitive, reading the manual in its entirety will help with the more subtle game elements.  If there is something that needs more clarification, please post a question in this forum and I will be more than happy to answer it.


RAPTOR is currently being featured in the 2600 High Score Club, along with some other great games, as part of the High Score Club homebrew weeks.  I encourage you to post your scores over there as well.  But be forewarned, those guys and gals are scoring professionals.


Now that the manual is complete, my graphic designer will start working on a RAPTOR patch.  For anyone who scores a 1000+ points and wants a patch, send me a photo of the game screen via an AtariAge PM with to whom and where the patch should be sent.  My hope is to start shipping patches this summer.  I plan to only distribute up to 100 patches and will be reserving some patches for non-emulation players until RAPTOR is available in physical form.  Once the patch design is complete, the cartridge labels and box design will follow.


I am always so thankful for discovering the Atari community a few years back.  Special thanks to James (@ZeroPage Homebrew) and Darcy for debuting RAPTOR on ZeroPage Homebrew yesterday.  My main aim in developing RAPTOR was to give back to the community by creating something fun for everyone to enjoy.  I hope this game fulfills that objective.


- Andrew


RAPTOR_NTSC.bin 4 kB · 477 downloads


  RAPTOR_PAL60.bin 4 kB · 212 downloads


RAPTOR Manual.pdf 10.61 MB · 363 downloads



RAPTOR Patch List Started

  1. Jason_Atari
  2. ZeroPage Homebrew (James)
  3. sramirez2008
  4. Vocelli
  5. Al_Nafuur
  6. ZilchSr
  7. nads
  8. Dr Moocowz 
  9. 8bitSwami
  10. vitoco
  11. McCallister
  12. Skippy B. Coyote
  13. TheActivisionary
  14. Jasonhrb
  15. devwebcl
  16. OldManG
  17. Utilikey
  18. xeex
  19. RockPile14



Love your game ! If it is your second game I wonder how awesome will be the next ones. My sincere congrats. Cheers !


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11 hours ago, cwieland said:

I finally eked out the patch score.  Thanks for another great game!





Nice score. Rank 9 in the PlusROM HSC.


Up to rank 10 you can (if you like) upload your screenshot yourself. More info here:


and here:



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I'm lovin this game. Been playing it on Javatari. Gonna try later on Stella DS. Thanks for the hard work and releasing a very fun rom for us to enjoy. It has a true arcade feel. This game would have been a huge multi-million copy hit if it had been released in the early 80s. 😁


The pseudo perspective mechanic is a cool idea. Some time in the future, I'd like to try my own hand at homebrew and this mechanic is enticing. In my idea however, the player is the one trying to escape on a highway on bottom of screen, while aircraft and maybe UFOs, using this same mechanic, drop bombs, shoot beams/bullets and perhaps extra obstacles on highway like bomb craters, oil slicks, caltropes, etc. It's not an uncommon concept, but I feel could be good for a beginner to try to build and then refine upon gaining experience. I could be wrong.


I'm saving up some money for a few physical games. I have yours on my wishlist. 🙂

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