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Do you think the lost Parker Bros games for the VCS will be found?

THE AtariGuy

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From the “Atari Compendium”:




…a quote from Philip Orbanes, who was the Senior VP for Research & Development at Parker Brothers at the time:


“…we laid off 95% of our formerly booming electronics R&D staff.  During this process, Circus Charlie was canceled and no one had the prescience, or will, to archive unfinished work."




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11 minutes ago, Cebus Capucinis said:

Really? I could have sworn there were some...hints here and there....that someone has it but it can't be shared or revealed.

Not that I've ever heard.  I'm sure that prototypes exist somewhere, but none have ever been found to my knowledge.

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On 3/12/2022 at 4:33 PM, Shawn said:

You are not misremembering, Matt is. He was told of its existence before but has clearly forgotten.

I've never seen proof that Hulk exists.  I don't remember anyone ever telling me it exists either.  My memory isn't the best so it's possible someone told me someone has it but I know I've never seen a picture of it.

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40 minutes ago, toiletunes said:

I thought there were rumors about a basement in Chicago, but I don't remember. 

That was the Roklan archive which was found and sadly didn't have Hulk.


I've chatted with a few people and I'm sorry to say that the prototype has not been found.

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This is one that I'd like to see remade.  Although I'm not all that sure how it actually worked.  The split screen is kind of confusing (if you look at the mockup screenshot).  If you look elsewhere in the some PB catalog you will see other 2600 games' screenshots.  And the released product didn't look anything like what was advertised.  I think Matt once pointed out that these "screenshots" are artist's renditions of what they might look like.  With that in mind, the Incredible Hulk game might not have not got much further than the concept stage.  Even with the crumbling game market, you'd think they would have made the game since they paid for the licensing.  

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