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Season 15 - Preseason - Round 1 - Mountain King

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Season 15 Preseason Round 1


Game Information

Game Name: Mountain King

Released by: Original Concept: E.F. Dreyer/CBS Electronics 1983. CV: Sunrise Software 1984.

Settings: Level 1

CV HSC High Score: Level 1: 334,000 Northcoastgamer (4/2013 HSC6).

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/mountain king manual.pdf


Round Ends: Sunday March 27th at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Mountain King Scores

1)217,440 NCG

2)  53,610 Ikrananka

3)  46,960 jblenkle

4)  45,470 DuggerVideoGames

5)  24,680 ed1475  

6)    9,820 mark griff

7)    3,550 JEFF31


Good Luck!


mountain-king-1984 (1).rom

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Have 'not a clue' what I'm doing....








Well collecting dots...



This (hopefully) is NOT my best!


And a BIG thanks to Northcoastgamer for hosting another year of the Coleco High Score Club!

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15 hours ago, mark griff said:

Hey Guys quick question I have the MSX emulator for my PC do you know if you can use an atari joystick to play the colecovision games. I can do it on my 2600 and 5200 but not colecovision can anyone help?

I'm not sure but I don't believe that the 2600 joystick would be compatible with the CV due to the single fire button. Many CV games use two fire buttons, but I could be wrong. 

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This is a very frustrating game and one I can't say I'm having much fun with.  The random, and invisible, placement of the Flame Spirit makes having to search for it again and again a boring pain the proverbial.  The bats stealing the Flame Spirit from Level 2 onwards is also incredibly annoying.  Plus the platform layout seems to always be the same.  It's definitely an interesting game, but in my opinion it's too repetitive and frustrating to be a good game.  After many attempts I finally got to Level 2 but failed to get further.  Score so far is 44,060.



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