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Alien Isolation

Rick Dangerous

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I wanted to buy it just for the sake of it, because the port is excellent, almost as good as the PS4 one (it was an early PS4 game though, since it was also released on PS3). But since I already played it on PC, I would have preferred a physical release as well; I finally got it on sale, and I just played a bit one of the DLCs for fun. It looked absolutely great.


I would compare Alien Isolation to these experiences that are nightmarish while you endure them, but that you get a fond memory of later. It's clearly one of the most intense survival horror games I have ever played, and my biggest complain is they tried to make a 20-hour game of it like most AAA titles, but I feel it's far too much for that kind of game. I mean you can already get stuck for a long time at the very beginning in a locker, waiting for the right time to go out. ? And as soon as you go out, you can hear the alien coming back... ?


Also, because of this, they had to add some variety and there are other "enemies" in the game, that manage to look stupid (imho) while being incredibly annoying. ?

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On 3/30/2022 at 8:49 AM, Rick Dangerous said:

If anyone ever gets wind of a cartridge release of this game; please do post news here.  I'll pick it up in a heartbeat. 

I'm a HUGE Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dino Crisis fan (I even got a survival horror game called Deep Fear that I imported from Japan for my Sega Saturn since it was never released here in the USA)


I'd be interested in a cart release of Alien Isolation too for the Switch!!!

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I don't mind waiting since I had already rebought it digitally on Switch; I played a little the DLC mode, but I basically just wanted to "own" it on Switch so this physical release is perfect for me. Also, it could arrive quickly since there are not a lot of unusual goodies in the collector edition (I picked the standard one).

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