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How to install rEFInd for the VCS permanently


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On 12/25/2022 at 2:06 PM, Goochman said:

So Ive been messing around with all of this the past few days with 0 luck.  I have a 1Tb SSD and first installed Bactoera which took the whole disk (8gb partition and then a 550mb one).  I booted Mint via USB and the "Disks" app could not make changes to the partition.  I couldnt resize Batocera nor add new partitions to free space saying it could not makes changes due to not being able to manage the disk.  I gave up on Batocera and installed Mint with 500gb and created another partition for Win10 at 500gb.  Started the Windows installer and was told it cant install due to not being a GPT disk...............I converted the disk to GPT and the installer would not finish..................I changed the BIOS to Legacy and ran the Windows installer again.  Was told it cant install because the disk WAS GPT.............Went back to Mint and repartition the drive as an MBR disk.


The Windows installer seems to be working with MBR partition and Legacy BIOS - not UEFI.


Im assuming anything Batocera brought to the table I can install on my own via MAME.  I left 400GB free on my SSD for Mint or some other Linux distribution.


Batocera doesn't play well with other OSes.  there's ways to deal with it, but I heard that installing EmulationStation on any Linux distribution give the same experience as Batocera.   You may want to try that.


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On 4/5/2022 at 11:20 PM, .nIk0. said:

You can DL VCS Themes, with link to video for the first method. https://tinyurl.com/diskrefindvcs 



These links respond with "This page is not allowed in the US". If I use a VPN set to a different country, the links say that hotlinking is not allowed. Is there another location where these files can be downloaded?




Hot linking is not allowed on Uptobox.
Please use the original uptobox link (e.g https://uptobox.com/abcdefghijkl) and not the direct link, or subscribe a premium account below.
This problem can be caused by several factors:
- Your IP have changed between download link generation and this page.
- You are using a VPN/Proxy or a data saver (like Chrome data saver on Android).
- Someone other than you generated this link.


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